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While other sectors are reaching new growth heights in Bangladesh, the education sector is dramatically falling behind. Bangladesh spends the least on education in South Asia, excluding the developed economies. The annual expenditure on education in Bangladesh for the previous 3-4 years has been around 2% of GDP. It was 2.09% in the FY21 budget, 2.08% in FY22, and 1.83% in FY23. However UNESCO recommends, a nation’s education expenditure must account for four to six percent of its GDP or more but no attempts have been made to match the recommended number. The lamentable state of education in Bangladesh, characterized by inadequate investment, stands as a hindrance to the country’s growth and progress, particularly in comparison to its South Asian neighbors who allocate significantly more resources to the sector.

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Inspira ACL has been collaborating with several development organizations (Such as BRAC, Plan International Bangladesh, SwissContact, Concern Bangladesh, Startup Fund Bangladesh over the years by conducting Capacity Building, Ecosystem Analysis and so on. In order to assist the organizations in evaluating the current scenario of the education system, improving the current system as well as the people involved in it.

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