Training Workshop on SMEs for Climate in the Context of LDC Graduation

Highlights of the joint training workshop on SMEs for Climate in the context of LDC Graduation took place on September 17th–18th, 2023, at RDRS in Rangpur. The workshop was organised collaboratively by GIZ, USAID, ILO, FAO, and UN Bangladesh.

Special guests at the event included Mr. Md. Akbar Ali, President of the Rangpur Chamber of Commerce, and Ms. Anwara Ferdousi (Poly), President of the Rangpur Women Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Naushad Alam, Portfolio Manager and Environmental Specialist, discussed crucial concern areas pertaining to Bangladesh’s graduation from LDC (Least Developed Country) status and its effects on environmental compliance within cottage, micro, small, and medium enterprises (CMSMEs). He stressed the significance of Bangladesh’s transition from LDC status, emphasising the potential for improved living standards, poverty reduction, and increased access to international aid and investment. However, acknowledging the benefits, he also underscored ongoing challenges, such as income inequality, environmental sustainability concerns, and governance issues.

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