Mohammad Salman Rahman

Director & Partner


Renowned for his exceptional expertise in business strategy development and digital transformation, Mohammed Salman Rahman is a highly accomplished Senior Partner at Inspira ACL. Over the course of his 9-year career, he has built a reputation as a multi-disciplinary technical expert, having garnered extensive experience in areas such as business model and strategy development, access to finance, SME research, process efficiency development, social research, and market research. Salman’s areas of specialization include power and energy, renewable energy, private sector engagement, entrepreneurship development, livelihood creation, and data analytics. As the lead of Inspira ACL’s Energy and Digital Transformations practices, Salman has been instrumental in deriving effective business strategies, feasibility studies, and data visualization, among other key initiatives. His exceptional capabilities in developing and implementing market entry and expansion strategies have earned him the trust of numerous leading organizations, including Tradexcel, Bengal Group, Greentiger, and Jamil tobacco, to name but a few. Additionally, he has led a brand perception study for Realme Bangladesh, further cementing his reputation as a trusted expert in the field of business strategy development. Prior to joining Inspira, Salman served as Vice President at Cramstack, a business intelligence platform for SMEs and start-ups. In this role, he excelled in interpreting data, analyzing results using statistical techniques, and providing ongoing reports. He also developed and implemented databases, data collection systems, data analytics, and other strategies to optimize statistical efficiency and quality. Salman obtained his bachelor’s degree specialized in Marketing and obtained his master’s degree in International Development from the prestigious Institute of Business Administration, the top-ranked business school in South Asia. His educational background, combined with his vast experience in business and market research, power and energy, renewable energy, and private sector engagement, has made him a widely recognized authority in his field. Salman’s expertise extends far beyond business strategy development, having also worked extensively in fields such as financial inclusion, private sector health systems development, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) systems development, social inclusion, Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRHR) Awareness, and Cyber crime awareness. With his vast knowledge and experience, Salman continues to be a trusted advisor to countless organizations seeking to grow their businesses and achieve their strategic objectives.

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