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Agriculture sector contributes about 14.23% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs around 40.60% of the total labor force. A major part of Bangladesh is on the delta formed by the three major rivers brahmaputra, ganges and meghna.Over the past 12 years, the fisheries industry has experienced an average growth rate of 501 percent, while aquaculture has grown by an average of 8.59 percent. This growth is expected to continue, allowing Bangladesh to reach its target production of 45.52 lakh MT of fish by 2020-31, in line with the government’s Valen-2021 targets. As a result, Bangladesh has become self-sufficient in fish production, supplying about 60% of its citizens’ daily animal protein intake, which is currently at 62.38 days per capita, exceeding the targeted 60 days. Furthermore, Bangladesh has earned significant foreign exchange by exporting fish, shrimps, and other fishery products.However, advancements in technology, product quality, pay, and other related fields are extremely necessary. This industry has the potential to develop into one of Bangladesh’s most lucrative ones through improving agricultural technologies and further boosting Bangladesh’s agricultural outputs.

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Inspira ACL has been collaborating with several development organizations swisscontact BYTES, iDE Bangladesh over the years by conducting End Line Evaluations, In-Depth Market Assessment, Value Chain Analysis and more. In order to assist the organizations in strengthening the agricultural development and ensuring sustainability of this sector.

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