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In Bangladesh,the power generation sources are diverse, with the public sector generating 40.02%, the private sector 47.39% , joint ventures 4.10% , and power import contributing 8.50% .The government’s Power System Master Plan (PSMP) 2016 targets to increase the installed electricity generation capacity to 40,000 MW by 2030. Bangladesh’s energy security and fuel diversification plan entail power generation from coal, LNG, dual-fuel, nuclear, and renewable energy sources, and it also imports electricity through regional and sub-regional cooperation. Natural gas meets 62% of the country’s total commercial energy demand, with 28 gas fields discovered, producing 19.11 trillion cubic feet of gas cumulatively, leaving 9.30 trillion cubic feet recoverable. The country has 13.60 lakh metric tons of reserve fuel oil. Transmission and distribution of electricity’s total system loss dropped significantly to 9.54% in FY 2021-22, from 14.73% in FY 2010-11. Therefore, The power sector plays a significant role in fostering socio-economic development, industrialization, and poverty reduction in the country.

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Inspira ACL has been collaborating with several government and development organizations (such as Ministry of Power, Mineral and Energy, Powercell, Lub-rref, SNV Netherlands, USAID etc) since its establishment by conducting Policy Advocacy, Roadmap Development, Landscape Analysis, Sector Assessment and so on. In order to assist the organizations in understanding the current power and energy landscape and reaching a long term solution for sustainability and developing the nationwide infrastructure.

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