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Currently, the manufacturing sector accounts for 17% of the country’s GDP value added, while providing employment for only 15% of the workforce. However, this industry has made remarkable progress in creating job opportunities for women. Within this sector, non-micro garment and textile factories hold a dominant position, accounting for 40% of the share, contributing 50% of manufacturing value added, and 85% of total exports. Food and beverage manufacturing establishments, comprising 20.5% of the total, generate only 14% of the value added. In contrast, minerals and metal establishments, making up 17% of the total, contribute approximately 22% to the manufacturing value added. After national need is met, the surplus produced goods are exported, bringing in substantial amounts of foreign revenue.

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Inspira ACL has been collaborating with several development organizations over the years by conducting In-Depth Market Analysis and Industry Shaping, Feasibility Study, CAPEX analysis and so on. In order to assist the organizations in having an insight of the current market trend, and the potential for future development.

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