Published Article on Financial Express Titled “Cybersecurity Regulations in Bangladesh and Challenges for the Business Sector”

The recent article named “Cybersecurity regulations in BD and challenges for the business sector” by inspira’s senior associate Mr. Syed Shadman Wahid discussed that Bangladesh is pondering on how to best address cybersecurity challenges in its growing digital economy. The draft Cybersecurity Act (CSA) aims to refine the existing Digital Security Act (DSA), but analysts warn it may not be enough. This article explores lingering concerns about the CSA. There are unclear definitions and a lack of input from relevant stakeholders during the drafting process. The merging of cybercrime and cybersecurity regulations, potentially prioritizing punishment over preventative measures. Ambiguous language that could be misused to restrict freedom of expression online. The absence of strong provisions for including technical expertise in enforcement strategies are some of the significant issues with the Cybersecurity Act (CSA).

The article emphasizes the need for a strong legal framework that fosters innovation and protects privacy. Collaboration across sectors, including government, businesses, and cybersecurity experts, is seen as crucial. The importance of aligning with international human rights standards and best practices is also highlighted. Recent cybersecurity breaches in Bangladesh underscore the urgency of creating a more effective digital security strategy.

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