We are pleased to partner up with iDE Bangladesh on the “Market Assessment for Scaling Renewable Energy Technologies in Ecologically Critical Areas” project. Inspira will help identify renewable energy solutions tailored for specific ecologically critical areas (ECA), ensuring they are environmentally suitable, technically feasible, and economically viable. This project is a key component of the Bangladesh-UK Accord on Climate Change. This programme will make a significant contribution to Bangladesh’s progress against the government’s policies and priorities. The policies include the National Adaption Plan (NAP), the Nationally Determined Contributino (NDC), commitments to biodiversity conservation, the ongoing 8th Five-Year Plan, etc.
Renewable energy solutions hold significant potential to revolutionise Bangladesh’s energy landscape. By adapting solutions that are financially viable and environmentally sustainable in ecologically critical areas, the project can provide an environmentally friendly energy alternative while bolstering resilient livelihoods. The adoption of renewable energy can also enhance household incomes through cost savings and participation in the RE value chain, offering a complementary or alternative approach to the existing energy distribution system.

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