Successful Workshop on Local Garment Manufacturing in Kushtia

Inspira Advisory and Consulting Limited successfully concluded a workshop on Local Economic Development (LED) with a specific focus on the garment industry in Kushtia, Bangladesh. Held on April 18th, 2024, at the Office of Kobi Azizur Rahman Shorok Market Dokan Malik Shomity (KARS Market Dokan Malik Samity) in Kobi Azizur Rahman Road, Boro Bazar, Kushtia, the workshop brought together key stakeholders to explore the immense potential of local garment manufacturing.

Inspira brought together a diverse group of participants, including representatives from Kushtia’s garment industry, government officials, and development organizations. This inclusive approach ensured a well-rounded discussion that considered various perspectives on the sector’s growth.

Experts presented their research findings on the potential of the mini garment sector in Kushtia. These presentations provided valuable data and insights into the sector’s current state, future possibilities, and potential challenges. The workshop format encouraged active participation through presentations followed by discussions. This allowed participants to ask questions, share their experiences, and provide valuable feedback on the presented findings.

Through insightful presentations and engaging discussions, the workshop participants gained a deeper understanding of the strengths and opportunities within Kushtia’s garment industry. This newfound knowledge will be crucial for informing future strategies and interventions aimed at fostering growth. The success of the workshop hinged on the collaborative spirit fostered by Inspira. By bringing together different stakeholders, the workshop created a platform for participants to work together and develop a shared vision for the future of Kushtia’s garment industry.

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