Reshaping Bangladesh’s Economic Terrain: A Comprehensive Evaluation of 16 Emerging Priority Sectors

Bangladesh has set its sights on achieving a high-income country by 2041. To achieve this goal, the private sector must play a pivotal role in driving economic growth, as the country’s export portfolio is heavily reliant on the Ready-Made Garments industry, leaving the economy vulnerable to exogenous shocks. In response, Inspira conducted a comprehensive assessment of 16 priority sectors outside of the RMG industry, utilizing a rigorous methodology that incorporated qualitative research tools such as desk research, primary interviews with private sector entities, industry associations, think tanks, and government nodal agencies, and field missions in selected small and medium enterprise (SME) clusters across key economic regions of Bangladesh. The assessment also included a multi-sector stakeholder consultation workshop to extract strategic insights and validate the research findings. Using a sector analysis framework comprising nine factors and 24 sub-factors, the assessment identified the most important sectors in terms of economic growth potential for Bangladesh, considering both business potential and inclusion potential. To know further, download or read the full report.

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