Zubayer Hossain Bhuiyan




Zubayer Hossain Bhuiyan completed his bachelor of science in economics from North South University. Zubair Hossain Bhuyian has a pivotal role in the ‘Review of Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreement – Selection of a Consultancy Firm for Policy Study/Policy Review/Rules and Regulation Preparation (Cluster 3)’ project for the Ministry of Commerce. Zubayer contributed significantly by providing essential support for secondary research, aiding in the comprehensive policy review and analysis of the BIDA Act 2016 and OSS 2018. Additionally, he conducted key informant interviews, engaging with relevant stakeholders from both the government and private sectors, thereby enriching the project with valuable insights. His expertise extended to providing crucial secondary research and writing assistance for grant design, Expressions of Interest (EOI), concept notes, and technical proposals. Currently, he joined as an associate at Inspira Advisory & Consulting Limited.