Zihan Hossain

Senior Associate


Zihan Hossain has been in the Branding and Content development space from the start of his career. He is well-versed in digital media communications, content strategy and development. He started his journey at Inspira ACL since 2020 and has been at the necleus of Inspira’s Internal Branding, Service Design and Development, as well as their business development departments. As a digital media marketing and content executive he has been part of several of Inspira’s Development sector and private sector focused projects related to Market Research, Market Entry Feasibility, Environmental Social Awareness and Capacity building programs. He has also been closely working in Inspira’s Implementation projects related to Awareness/Behavior Change Campaigns and Service Implementation and Communication project. Through working at Inspira Zihan has gain experience in working with beneficiaries and stakeholders of diverse industries, that has allowed him to develop a broader perspective on the utilization and impact of digital media communcation in diffenent sectors and industries in Bangladesh.

Zihan also has experiece in Graphic Design, Content Creation and is also well versed in Digital Communications based logistics coordination. Through the past few years he has worked with several of Inspira’s Clients in supporting the with Illustrative Content Designs, Remote Conferences and large live stream setups.

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