Tanjin Ahmed Turjo

Administrative officer


Tanjin Ahmed Turjo is a proficient office administrator with over 8 years of experience in providing unparalleled one-stop solutions for complex administrative decisions and challenges. With a proven track record of successfully managing a diverse range of administrative duties and responsibilities, he has established himself as an exceptional head administrator in the management consulting and strategic research firm.As the preeminent authority on all administrative functions, Tanjin is accountable for overseeing the day-to-day operations, managing and maintaining critical records, scrutinizing office expenses and budgets, and ensuring meticulous compliance with company policies and procedures. Moreover, he is adroit at meticulously managing schedules and calendars, coordinating meetings and events, facilitating travel arrangements, and collaborating with external vendors and clients with the utmost diligence. In his capacity as the head administrator, Tanjin provides exemplary leadership and guidance to a team of administrative staff, ensuring that all tasks and responsibilities are executed with an unwavering commitment to accuracy and efficiency. He is also responsible for crafting and implementing bespoke policies and procedures that foster an organized and productive work environment.

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