Nayem Ahmed Siddiq



Nayem Ahmed Siddik graduated from University of Dhaka with a major in Political Science. He has had a keen interest in social research throughout his academic career. He worked on transgenders, migration, and women empowerment, climate change in his academic life with an inquisitive mind to learn from the diverse experience and question narratives existing in the society to acquire new insights for improvement of respective social classes. He worked on a project for RMMRU in urban slums before joining Inspira ACL.

He is currently working as an Associate at Inspira ACL where he makes valuable contributions to research projects by assisting in primary and secondary data collection, conducting field visits, performing data analysis, and report writing. At Inspira, His contribution involves thematic areas of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) systems development, women’s economic empowerment, and Cybercrime awareness. He was part of social research projects with, Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI), and Oxfam.

He wants to bring impactful changes to build an inclusive society through continuous learning and robust exposure to various areas of humanitarian sector.

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