Nafisa Anjum Samiha

Senior Associate


As a distinguished graduate from Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET), specializing in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Nafisa Anjum Samiha has successfully translated her passion for engineering into the consulting industry.Her exceptional academic background, combined with her vast experience in Product Management, Social Research, Data Analytics, Business Development, and Private Sector Engagement, makes her an invaluable asset to Inspira ACL’s research and consulting services. She is passionate about Renewable Energy, Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship Development, and Power and Energy systems, and leverages her expertise to help clients across development projects and tech interventions. Nafisa has an outstanding track record of assisting in methodology development, data analysis, secondary and primary research, stakeholder mapping, questionnaire development, and designing value chain schema for research projects. She is a skilled team builder and leader, who enjoys working with a diverse group of people. Her recent deployment involved conducting a market assessment for launching a nationwide labor market intermediation facility, showcasing her exceptional research and consulting skills.

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