Matiur Rahman

Research Consultant


Professor Dr. Matiur Rahman is a seasoned academician with extensive teaching and research experience spanning over four decades across various renowned institutions globally. With educational backgrounds from Germany, the USSR, and Australia, Dr. Rahman has served as both an adjunct and full-time faculty member at prestigious universities such as the University of Dhaka, Monash University in Australia, and several others in Bangladesh. His administrative prowess is evident through his tenure as the Chairman of the Department of Statistics at the University of Dhaka and as the Vice Chancellor of Presidency University, Bangladesh, where he significantly contributed to the institution’s growth, including a substantial increase in student enrollment and the establishment of administrative frameworks. Dr. Rahman’s scholarly contributions extend beyond academia, with numerous publications in statistics, mathematics, research methodology, and econometrics, along with over 75 research papers published in national and international journals. Additionally, he has been involved in over 85 research projects sponsored by esteemed organizations such as the World Bank, UNICEF, and USAID. Dr. Rahman’s expertise has been recognized globally through his participation in international conferences across various countries.

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