Dr. K M Azam Chowdhury

Hydrography and Oceanography Expert


Dr. K M Azam Chowdhury is an accomplished professional with a diverse range of experience and expertise in oceanography, sustainable blue economy, climate justice, water quality modeling, and more. Holding a PhD in Oceanography from Ocean University of China and several other academic qualifications, Dr. Chowdhury has been involved in various capacities at the University of Dhaka, including as Chairman of the Department of Oceanography and Director of the International Center for Ocean Governance. His expertise extends to areas such as ocean and coastal ecosystem management, sustainable blue economy development, climate change adaptation, water quality modeling, and numerical ocean modeling. Dr. Chowdhury has been actively engaged in research projects funded by organizations such as the UN, World Bank, and Indian Ocean RIM Association, focusing on topics like microplastic pollution, metal contamination, and marine spatial planning.

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