Published article on The Financial Express named “Cybersecurity in critical information infrastructure of Bangladesh”

The recent article named “Cybersecurity in critical information infrastructure of Bangladesh” published by The Financial Express and written by Inspira’s senior associate Mr. Syed Shadman Wahid discussed how Bangladesh is rapidly digitizing, but its cybersecurity measures haven’t kept pace. This creates vulnerabilities in Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) which are essential for national security and public well-being. These include sectors like telecommunication, energy, and banking. Malware attacks, phishing scams, and a lack of skilled cybersecurity professionals all pose threats.

The government has taken steps to improve the situation with new laws and collaboration with international partners. Citizen awareness campaigns are also important. The power sector is a prime target for cyberattacks, and past incidents have caused disruptions. Underreported CII events further highlight the need for better infrastructure and a culture of transparency and accountability. All stakeholders need to work together to improve Bangladesh’s cybersecurity posture.

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