Despite several hurdles, Bogura as the key hub of the light engineering sector is becoming a strong substitute for imports by producing innovative engineering solutions, primarily catering to the domestic WASH and Agri-machinery markets. Although the industry has come a long way, there are still obstacles that stand in the way of its growth, and these need to be addressed.

Hence, on February 25th Inspira ACL partnering with Swisscontact, as part of “B-SkillFUL” programme orchestrated a daylong event at Bogura to address the challenges & connect different clusters with new frontier business and linkage opportunities.

With the goal of promoting growth in the light engineering sector’s MSMEs, the event was aimed to build capacity and establish a platform while expanding access to alternative finance sources. It sought to introduce non-traditional investors to investment opportunities & foster a communication bridge between MSMEs and lead firms, receive production improvement intervention, and access to alternative financing options.

Participants had the opportunity to engage with renown lead firms, technical consultants, and alternative investment platforms to understand their products & align them with sourcing requirements. Notably, the event facilitated MSMEs to alternate financing options such as equity and project-based financing, and created an opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas and business models.

Inspira ACL congratulates all the SMEs for their active participation and exhibiting their unwavering commitment towards the growth of the light engineering sector.

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