Syed Shadman Wahid



Syed Shadman Wahid is an ambitious business graduate with a Major in Finance. He graduated at the top of his class at Independent University, Bangladesh, where he consistently placed in both the Dean’s and Vice Chancellor’s honor lists; availing him a 100% scholarship for the duration of his degree. He has experience working as a Research Assistant, and is currently an Associate at Inspira Advisory and Consulting. He has an interest in Economics, data analytics and data visualization. He has pursued this interest diligently by availing and successfully completing several lucrative courses on Modules on platforms like Coursera, availing scholarships for almost all of them. He has also worked in publication and content production at HiFi Digital and The Daily Star. He aspires to produce convincing proposals to cater to private sector companies, donors and non-profit organizations. His most valued skill is his work ethic which he seeks to express in every challenge he undertakes. Shadman can seamlessly integrate himself into any team, and loves working with diverse groups of people. He can also be trusted to take full ownership of projects when the context requires him to work independently. He strives to develop an analytical mindset, to put to use a natural knack for visualizing complex situations as workable ‘games’ to design optimal moves against.

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