Nabila Nishat Raisa

Senior Associate


Nabila Nishat Raisa is a highly skilled and proactive professional with a Business degree from Bangladesh University of Professionals and three years of experience in research and consultancy. She is a detail-oriented individual who takes pride in delivering high-quality work and has a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.

Nabila’s portfolio includes various successful projects such as the Transit Oriented Development plan for Metrorail Bangladesh with JICA, Research on agro and processed food industry for TFO Canada, research for banks and cement industries, and research for AHP evaluation in WASH sector. Her contributions to these projects have been invaluable, and she has consistently received positive feedback from her clients.

Apart from her research and consultancy skills, Nabila is a natural organizer and communicator. She is also adept at leadership responsibilities, and her colleagues rely on her to handle tasks related to client engagement and communications.

In her student life, Nabila was a talented writer, and she continued to pursue her passion by opening her own writing agency named Odyssey. Through Odyssey, she catered to foreign clients and established a reputation for producing high-quality content.

Recently, Nabila had a book published by FES on ICT adoption of SMEs. Her excellent communication skills and attention to detail are evident in the book, and it has received positive reviews from readers.

Overall, Nabila Nishat Raisa is a highly competent and versatile professional with a broad range of skills and experiences. Her dedication to her work, attention to detail, and proactive approach make her an asset to any team.

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