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Md. Mushfiqur Rahman has experience working in the Private and Development Sector covering the broad domain of Market Research and Business Model Design. He has experience working in the SME ecosystem and advising their business growth and expansion. His core expertise lie on SME Landscaping, Capacity Building, Business Model Transformation, Go-to-market strategy, Digital Product Development for SME.

Mushfiqur had been engaged in SME Landscaping at a sectoral level. Throughout the process, he has been involved in analyzing the market gap, accessibility to fund, and existing challenges of micro-SMEs. He carried out multiple value chain analysis which connected the larger enterprises with the smallest ones promoting inclusivity. In alignment with the understanding, he was responsible for transforming 20+ retail and logistic SME’s their business model and ensuring business automation. That pilot initiative resulted in an alternative revenue stream and revitalized their financial stability. To automate their financial system, he managed the full-scale rollout of a POS system, tailored for SMEs, which was adopted by 253 retail SMEs within three quarters of FY 2019-2020. For the roll-out phase, he was engaged in capacity development materials and training sessions which aided the small businesses to understand the efficacy of technological integration in businesses.

As his prime interest lies in business model transformation, he had taken part in digitizing the local businesses: managing and assisting digital transformation of traditional business models. He launched a digital agency which exclusively worked with local retail, logistics, and light-engineering SMEs to ensure their appearance on social media and manage their brand and sales funnel through a minimal compensation package. He also had helped local startups to raise funds and advised them to create their Go-to- market strategy for their next funding stage.

His recent deployment is as a Project Coordinator of a study titled Entry Strategy Development and Expansion Plan for a Turkish SME. In this project, Mushfiqur has been leading a team enumeration team of 30 across 6 divisions to assess the local construction focused SMEs capacity, access to finance, underlying challenges and opportunity. In line with the workstream, he along with his team, has designed an expansion strategy for a Turkish SME(Matchmaking Platform) to guide their market entry and go-to-market strategy for the next three years.

Mushfiqur is a BBA graduate from Chittagong Independent University, majoring in Marketing and minoring in International business. He has received a number of accolades during his student life for his work on business model design and social-change making ideas. His team had been awarded for innovating an Purpose-driven Business Model in the social-business category by PHP Family. He has been involved in carrying out a couple of baseline studies which has enabled him to design a business model that caters to social needs and is scalable for its distinctive need-driven product. Now he is associated with Inspira Advisory and Consulting Ltd, as Associate.

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