Md. Abrar Shahriar Nafis



Nafis Sharier is a highly skilled and versatile young associate, with a diverse background in journalism, editing, and teaching. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the prestigious Institute of Business Administration at the University of Dhaka, one of the top business schools in South Asia, where he excelled academically. In addition, he is currently pursuing a Masters in Literature and Creative Writing.

Nafis has gained extensive experience in the journalism field, working as an Editorial Assistant in the OP-ED department at Dhaka Tribune, one of the leading English newspapers in Bangladesh. He has demonstrated exceptional writing skills and editorial abilities, writing daily editorials expressing the official views of the newspaper on various issues, editing the Arts and Letters page, and selecting articles for the opinion page. He has also worked as a Columnist for Dhaka Tribune, writing weekly columns on politics, business, society, and personal issues. Aside from his experience in the media industry, Nafis has also worked in the development sector, serving as a Smart Lecture Corrector at Bacbon ltd, where he taught English to Japanese kids and checked hundreds of essays a week. He also served as an Editorial Assistant at The Woman Inc, a newly launched literary journal, where he selected and edited work for the debut issue and contributed essays for each issue.

Nafis has a diverse set of skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Lightroom, and Final Cut Pro. He has honed his writing, editing, and communication skills through his work in journalism and development, and has demonstrated exceptional organizational and team management skills as well.

Nafis has achieved notable recognition for his work, including being selected for the prestigious Hermitage Lectures in 2022, under the tutelage of renowned writers such as Arif Anwar, Joan Silber, and Julia Philips

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