Ishrat Ashique Khushboo

Partnership and Communications Coordinator


Ishrat Ashique is a dynamic partnership and communications coordinator with a marketing degree and an impressive range of work experience. As a marketing associate, she has demonstrated her ability to conduct research and identify potential gaps in the market. She has also assisted with marketing campaigns and helped with pitches, showcasing her strong communication and teamwork skills. Previously as an Intern of the Brands & Communications Department of Gemcon Group, Ishrat demonstrated her excellent analytical and design skills by identifying trends and designing product offerings based on external market stimuli. She was also instrumental in assisting with significant campaigns such as ‘Ramadan’, ‘Women’s Day’ and ‘Independence Day’, showcasing her ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Ishrat’s creativity and business acumen extend beyond her professional work experience. As an artist, she manages the social media marketing and client handling for her hand-painted customized apparel business, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and marketing skills. Furthermore, Ishrat has excelled in extracurricular activities and competitions, such as her role as lead feature writer for Channel-i’s ‘Boimela Pratidin’ event and feature writer for Anando Alo Magazine.

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